Rise of the Runelords

The Journal Of Archidamus Burnt Offerings

Oathday, Rova 22th, 4707 AR
Today has been a very interesting day, the most interesting day that I have had in Sandpoint since my arrival.
The day started out as most days. I took my breakfast in the common room in the tavern and then proceeded to walk about town as I have done everyday for the past week. The Swallowtail festival was in full swing and the markets were doing a brisk business. Everyone was excited about the consecration ceremony for the newly rebuilt church sheduled for the evening.
Although I had made no plans to attend the ceremony itself I did find myself passing through the sqaure at precisely the moment Father Zantus took the stage. It was at this very moment that sqaure and, indeed the very town of Sandpoint erupted into chaos.
Goblins! Those little vile bastards of nature, had apperently chosen the moment of the ceremony to lead a raid against the town. The square itself was over run with a contigent of goblin warriors.
Myself and a few other capable adventurers immediately sprang to the defense of the innocent inhabitants of Sandpoint. Curses upon me! I was unable to prevent the cold blooded murder of a young child before my very eyes and just outside my reach!
The rest of the goblins attacking the sqaure were quickly dealt with.
Those of us who had driven off the first wave of goblin commandos, rallied around Father Zantus. The group included : Tac, a half-elven warrior who seemed to fair better with his fists then he did with his rapier, a berzerking half-orc barbarian , named Krest, who used a massive ax to devestating effect (I must make sure not to anger that one),a fetching human female Paladin of Iomedae by the name of Dariel who was apperantly accompanying a somewhat peculiar dwarf Cleric of Sarenae who also seemed to revel in splitting goblins with his ax, and finally a tall human Sorcerer calling himself Demandred who seemed quite capable.
We barely had time to regroup when another contingent of goblins ,lead by a warchanter, attacked in a tightly packed group from the south. It is quite handy that goblins are so stupid and un-wise in the working of arcane magic. Demandred and I made quick work of most of the goblins with our combined arcane might, while the others cleaned up the stragglers.
Confident that most of the people had found shelter in the church, the six of us headed north after Quinn had relayed that more goblins were attacking a man and his dog just north of us.
We arrived just in time to rescue the man, one Aldern Foxglove, from a fate worse than anyone deserves. He enthusiastically thanked us and invited us to join him at the Rusty Dragon for a proper thank you and possible reward.
Again, Quinn relayed that he had spotted some goblins fleeing the cemetary with something in their possesion.
We immediately made our way to the graveyard where we discovered that the goblins had dug up and removed the body of the church’s previous head clergy, Ezikial Tobin. We were soon joined by Father Zantus and the sheriff of Sandpoint, Belor Hemlock. We were subsequently informed that Tobin and his daughter had perished in the fire a few years prior that destroyed the previous church. When we inquired as to the location of the daughter’s grave we were told that her body was never recovered.
Before we could investigate any further (how did the goblins breach the town’s wall and which direction did they take Tobin’s body? I must remember to discern if any of motly crew have the nessesary skills to track the fleeing goblins), Sheriff Belor insisted on taking us to meet the mayor.
It seems that we have already become the “saviors of Sandpoint” with much back patting and glowing praises for our heroism in repelling the goblin attack. As such Mayor Kendra Deveren wasted no time in conscripting our make shift group into a chartered protecturate of the Town of Sandpoint. Our official title being, “The Wolves of Sandpoint”.
Belor has stated that he intends to travel to Magnimar to request additional soldiers. He also mentioned something about notifying a ranger() nearby() about the goings on in the town. I must endevour to speak with the mayor regarding this last bit of information.
That is all for today…

Fireday, Rova 23th, 4707 AR
We continued our investigations into the goblin raid today. Our little makeshift adventuring company endevoured to determine how the vile creatures penetrated the town’s defences. We spoke to many of the citizens of Sandpoint as well as many of the soldiers tasked with the security of the town.
We were glad to learn that no other innocents were killed in the intial raid. A few of the soldiers were wounded, but that is to be expected.
We returned to the church and talked again with Father Zantus. He was unable to shed any other information regarding the fire that destroyed the original church and killed Father Tobyn. No cause for the fire was ever determined and we also confirmed that Father Tobyn’s daughter was also suspected of perishing in the fire as she was never seen or heard from again. We did learn that Nulia was an adopted daughter and apperantly of assimar decent.
Further searches of the grave and cementary lead us to conclude that the goblins that robbed the grave of Father Tobyn scaled the wall nearby and returned the same way. These goblins did not partake in the raid itself.
We were unable to determine how the goblins that provided the distraction , entered the town unseen. My suspiscion is that they were smuggled in. However, it is possible that perhaps they have another means of entering unseen that we have yet to discover.
All in all the day was less productive than I would have hoped. In this mindset, I and the rest of my new companions retired for the vening to the Rusty Dragon Inn for drinks. In the tavern we ran into Aldern Foxglove, the fellow that we saved during the raid. Aldern was gracious in his reward, buying us drinks and invited us all on a boar hunt for the following day. It is likely we will all attend. However it is my distinct impression that the only one that Aldern is concerned about attending is our green friend with the big teeth. While the people of Sandpoint have been gracious and thankful for all of our involvment in turning back the goblins, Aldern seems to think that Krest did all by himself. I think all the ego stroking is giving Krest a swelled head. I think that he is beginning to believe that he did indeed single handidly did defeat the goblins.
Interestingly, Krest, after recieving a purse of gold coins dropped in his lap by Aldern in gratitide, immediatly headed off to his accomodations at the Hagfish to inform his employer that he would no longer be working for him. On his way back to the Rusty Dragon, he was set upon by a frantic woman, pleading with him to come to her house. Krest raced to the woman’s house to find that a lone goblin had hiden himself in a closet of the home after the raid dispersed. Krest easily dispatched the goblin but it was too late to save the woman’s husband.
On that note, I grow weary of writing. I shal retire for the evening. I hope that my sleep is not distrubed by visions again tonight.

Starday, Rova 24th, 4707 AR
Today began with an unexpected summons to the mayor’s office. It seems that the ranger (Shalelu) we heard of had arrived in town and was seeking to speak with the mayor and sheriff about the goblin situation. The sheriff thought it would be in the town’s best interests if we also attending the meeting. The ranger filed us in on recent events in the surrounding areas. The five local goblin tribes did indeed seem to be working together. This wasn’t good news for Sandpoint. Goblin don’t work together very well unless someone or something is forcing them to. We now needed to focus on figuring out what was co-ordinating the goblins in the region. Upon hearing this news about the goblins, Sheriff Belor made plans to depart for Magnimar immediately to plead his case for additional troops personally based on Shalelu’s findings.
After the meeting, Shalelu ate breakfast with us at the Rusty Dragon and filled us in on goblin tactics and facts. She then departed to resupply and return to the woods to keep watch. If we need to contact her, Quinn is to make contact via the fauna of the surrounding woods.
After breakfast we had a little time to kill before we were to meet Aldern for the boar hunt, so we took the opportunity to check out some of the towns shops. A few of the shops seem to have items and supplies that might prove useful in the future. I am most pleased to have found a source of arcane magical writtings to add to my understanding of the ways of the Art. Nethys be praised!
The boar hunt went about as I expected. After Aldern provided us all with new horses (to keep) as furhter thanks, we proceeded to thrash about the woods surrounding Sandpoint. A few boars were killed. Aldern’s own horse was killed, but that hardly concerned him. All he could do the entire time was gush on and on about Krest. Krest this. Krest that. Isn’t Krest so wonderful? Ack. It made me sick. I felt the entire time like the rest of us were imposing ourselves on some sort of courtship between Aldern and Krest. I can’t say that Krest seemed to mind all the attention. I would have thought that all that attention from another male would have offended our half-goblin friend. Maybe there are things about Krest I would rather not know.
To top things off. After the boar hunt, Krest apparently decided to sleep in the town’s refuse pit. Said he was “investigating”. I would think that the real reason is that he missed his home and the refuse pit was the thing that most reminded him… it would explain his ordor or course.
My sleep was a little more fitful last night. The visions weren’t as vivid. I’m not sure what that means for sure. I can only hope it is a good thing….

Sunday, Rova 25th, 4707 AR
I don’t have the time or the energy to write at length about today’s events, but I shall get a bit down tonight and pen the rest tomorrow perhaps.
Our breakfast was interupted by one of the bar maids of the inn informing us that Ameiko, the inn’s proprietor was missing. A note was found indicating that she was to meet her brother at their father’s glassworks in town the previous night at midnight. She had returned and the maid pleaded with us to do something. Given that her brother seemed a bit shady, as the maid recounted , and I find that meetings scheduled in the middle of the night are rarely of a good nature, we had reason to suspect that this might be related to the events of the past few days.
We set forth immediatly and arrived at the glasswork shortly. A quick examination of the building found it to be closed up and locked even though it would normally be open for business at that time of day.
Things quickly went downhill for us from here. Krest and Tac proceeded to circle the building looking for other entrances and such, while rest of us waited by the front door. Demandred proceeded to try the front door and found it locked. He then knocked and got no answer. As a group of curious onlookers began to gather, the decision was made by the four of us to gain entry through the front door as quickly as possible. As we waited for Tac or Krest to arrive to help facilitate this, they had proceeded to gain entry to the building via the delivery entrance on the far opposite end of the building. Unbeknownst to us.
After gaining entry Tac and Krest proceeded to stumble their way into a large group of goblins who had apparently murdered the workers of the glassworks. Instead of doing the smart thing, like retreating and alerting the rest of us, they decided to take on the mob of goblins themselves. Needless to say this was a poor decision. Krest, apparently drunk on his own percieved power, charged headlong into the fray and was soundly beaten down quickly. Tac realizing the error of their judgement fled back out the door, leaving Krest ot be fed into the glass ovens. Somehow by shear luck and possibly divine intervention, Krest was able to avoid fueling the fires of the glassworks. The rest of us arrived as quickly as we could once we realized what they had done. We dispatched the remaining goblins as well as a half-elven monk who we suspect is Ameiko’s brother (given the description provided by the maid).
I fear that if Krest does not modify his behaviour in the future , he will get himself ,as well as possibly some of us others killed. His skill with the ax is unquestioned. If we can just manage to keep him from acting, well, like athe half-brain barbarian that he is, he might prove useful. I for one, however, am not going to risk my life to save his if he wishs to recklessly endanger his and ours in the future.
That is all I will write for now. I am tired. I shall write more when I am rested.
Sunday, Rova 25th, 4707 AR
I write this as our little rag tag group huddles in a cave found underneath the glassworks. I am getting ahead of myself…
After defeating Tsuto and his goblins, the six of use thouroughly searched the main floor of the glassworks, finding nothing of interest, and encountering no more of the golblins.
We then prcoeeded to the lower level of the glassworks where we discovered (thankfully) that Ameiko was indeed still alive. (I would hate to imagine what would happen to the Rusty Dragon without Ameiko around.) She was of course saddened to learn of her father’s death along with all of the workers of the galssworks. She was however, not surprised by Tsuto’s betrayal and treachery.
We also discovered the most likely candidate for the goblin’s secretive entrance into the town, in the form of a long abandoned smuggler’s tunnel. It seems that Tsuto reopened the tunnels allowing the goblins to enter unseen from the seaside cliffs.
While exploring the tunnels and the cave we also discovered another long bricked up passage that didn’t seem to be part of the smuggler’s tunnels. Someone (presumably Tsuto) has recently re-opened this passage as well.
So here we sit in the seaside cave , recovering our strength before entering into this unkown passage. Something about this passage disturbs me, but I’m at a loss to figure out why.
It seems that we will be spending the night within the cave (so that no one or no thing can enter of leave) to allow our sorecerous friend a chance to recover his arcane might.
Moonday, Rova 26th, 4707 AR
I write this in haste as a record of what we found within this cursed tunnel, as I fear that none of us will survive to tell of what we have discovered down here.
These tunnels seem to be part of an ancient and long forgotten settlement pre-dating Sandpoint (most likely Thassilonian). We had barely penetrated the tunnel network when we were attacked by some horribly deformed humanoid creatures with long arms, wicked claws and a cleft mandible with nasty teeth. We quickly dispatched the abominations and continued into the complex of tunnels.
A short distance from the entrance we found a statue of the Thassilonian Runelord of Wrath Alzanist. This almost guarantees that the tunnels date to the ancient days of the Thassilonian Empire.
We then proceeded to find a shrine and altar dedicated to the Mother of Monsters! A shrine to Lamashtu directly under the town of Sandpoint does not bode well!
As if this wasn’t bad enough, we then entered a larger shrine permeated by an intense evil, where we battled a fiendish Quasit (a small demon) and a few more of the creatures we battled near the entrance.
The battle was pitched and we looked to be defeated by the little demon and her foul magic, but we prevailed in the end. We have expended a considerable amount of our resources in defeating this threat and I’m not sure we can continue much further without risking all our lives.
It seems that the Quasit was defending what I can only surmise is a Runewell! I have read about these in my studies, but I never imagined I would actually find one, let alone an apparently functioning one! If we survive the coming hours and manage to secure these tunnels I plan on devoting some considerable time learning all that I can about it.
For the moment however, I, WE must concentrate on surviving long enough to warn the townsfolk of this new threat to their survival.
If Nethys decides that he has other plans for me, then this is likely my last entry…

Moonday, Rova 26th, 4707 AR cont’
Nethys be blessed! We have survivied the catacombs and once more returned to the safety of Sandpoint above.
After defeating the Quasit and examing the Runewell, we decided to push deeper into the ancient complex .
Not far from the statue we found earlier, we entered an ancient and long abandoned prison area. We were able to get the advantage of higher ground against another group of 3 sinspawn fighting amounst themselves. With my magical energies all but depleted, those in our group who specialize in hitting things with pointy sticks got the job done. Finding nothing of interest within the prison area we pressed on.
The next room appeared to be the torture chamber. Just off that room we found what appeared to be a research room with a group of three additional holding cells. Within the cells we found the skeletal remains of odd looking humanoids (some sort of experimental creations?) with extra limbs or large skulls etc. We were fortuneate to find an ancient scroll of Flaming Sphere amounst the rubble of the research room.
Leaving the research room we next encountered a large chamber with a dozen or so lidded pits in the floor. Before we could examine the pits we were attacked by a creature obviously touched by the taint of Lamashtu! What had most likely been a goblin at one time was now an abomination ! Extra limbs sprouted from its shoulders and back and its features were a twisted mockery of its previous form. I stunned the creature with what little magic I had left and Krest, Tac and Dariel made short work of the vile creature. The foul beast did carry an exquisite longsword which should fetch a handsome price when sold.
We were then able to investigate the pits and found them to each contain a single zombie, apparently trapped and being held for some evil purpose. We tasked Furenck with dealing with them as he saw fit.
Nearby we found a caved in staircase that most likely once connected these tunnels to the ancient Thassilonian surface city that once stood where Sandpoint stands today.
We then discovered a remarkable chamber near the stairs. The room was spherical in shape, with the entrance half way up the side of the chamber. The walls were sheeted in a strange red metal and pulsed with a strange black electricity that seemed to form ancient runes. In addition the room seemed to be under the effects of magic that negated gravity. While I contemplated the purpose of the room, the rest of the party devised a method with which to retrieve a few objects that floated within the center of the chamber. Recovered from within was a twisted iron wand of Shocking Grasp, a scroll of Burning Hands, a bottle of wine and a tome of writings dedicated to Lamashtu. We divided up the magical items while the book has been earmarked to be turned over to Father Zantus for destruction. I may have to see if I can keep the book for further research….
With only one area left unexplored we pressed on. We found another collapsed stairwell as well a room with a pool guarded by an ancient evil pair of Vargouilles. Quickly dispatching the guardians and confident that we had explored the entire complex we made for the surface!
Although I wished to secure the catacombs from futher incursions, but with no means at my disposal we made for the Rusty Dragon Inn and some much needed rest.

Toilday, Rova 27th, 4707 AR
First order of business today was to report our findings to Mayor Deverin. Needless to say she was less than pleased to find out that the town of Sandpoint is apparently built directly upon the ruins of some Thassilonian outpost. Added to that, these ruins contain not only ancient evils from that time, but have more recently become active as a place of worship to Lamashtu. I advised the Mayor to get some masons working immediately to re-close the entrance and to post a persistant watch of able bodied guards to ensure that no one is allowed entrance to the catacombs until the time that I can more effectively research the Runewell. I of course , left the presence of the Runewell out of our report to Deverin. No need to further exasperate the Mayor.
The second order of business was to resupply and invest in the trappings of our craft. Treasure was divided and sold, weapons and scrolls were purchased and so forth.
With everyone’s preparations finished we set off to investigate the goblin enclave at Thistletop. It seems that those responsible for the goblin incursion are operating out of this area. We should hope to find the goblin chieftain Ripnugget and also those reponsible (Nulia and others?) for whipping the goblins into a frenzy and directing them into open hostilities with Sandpoint.
After a short ride up the Lost Coast Road we found ourselves staring at some incredibly inhospitital terrain. A large expanse of briars and thistles, locals refer to as Nettlwood, stood between us and Thistletop proper. After some searching we were able to find some paths hidden within the briars and we began making our way through the tangles.
It didn’t take long before we encountered our first group of goblins, hiding out with in the maze of tunnels formed by the thistles, reinforced by a number of goblin dogs. Everyone fought well and with a timely use of a spray of color from Demandred , we prevailed….


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Toilday, Rova 27th, 4707 AR (Continued)
After soundly defeating the first group of goblins, we quickly pressed on into the maze of tunnels created within this incredibly horrific patch of thistles. Just around the nearest bend we encountered a large cat seemingly alone. All of my companions who specialize in hitting things with pointy sticks immediately rushed the creature. Demandred and I showed a little more caution and remained at a distance. My instinct, that this was most likely a trap, was confirmed when the cat’s goblin companion stepped effortlessly from the thistles. Even though my companions made short work of the druid’s cat, the druid himself proved to be something of a problem for those who are magically disinclined. I watched with some measure of bemusement as the four of them flailed about trying to hit the elusive druid as he circled them again and again, walking amongst the thickets as easily as we walk the path. To make matters worse, the druid used his command over nature to cause the very grass to reach up and grasp my stalwart companions. Poor Furenck spent more time trying to free himself from the infernal grass than anything else. After some time, thankfully, they did succeed in putting the stubborn druid down for good. The druid proved to be quite the boon for us as he carried a large number of magical potions, as well as a wand, an enchanted cloak and a finely crafted set of leather armor.

After a bit of divine magic courtesy of Furenck to heal the plentiful wounds sported by Krest, Tac decided he wanted to do a little spelunking in a hole that we discovered. After setting his rope and repelling some 70’ down a relatively narrow shaft (alone), Tac found himself in an under cliff sea cave. Even thought a small island or refuse sprinkled with seemingly gleaming trinkets, Tac decided not to test the waters and hastily returned top side. If we can find a way to safely navigate the cave in the future, it might be worth checking out. From the hole we headed shoreward and found ourselves at one end of a rope bridge that connected the mainland to an island. The island itself looks to be an enormous head (statue?) sunken into the surf upon which the goblin outpost is perched. Tac keen eye for traps were on display as he noticed a weakened link in the rope suspension that, if not corrected, would surely have sent a few of us to the ocean far below. With the bridge sabotage repaired we made our way over to the goblin fort. A quick scan revealed set of double doors in the front. As our group seems unwillingly use the obvious entrance, Tac and Krest scouted around the perimeter of the stockade. While Tac was doing his best to do his scouting in a cautious and stealthy manner, Krest did what he does best and plowed ahead. Tac attempted to stop the proverbial bull, Krest would have nothing of it and pushed past Tac to get a better look. Somehow the barbarian was able to stop himself short of stepping onto a goblin dog and retreated undetected. Tac, Krest, Dariel and Furneck readied themselves and made a fairly efficient quick strike against a number of goblins and their dogs preoccupied with torturing a seagull. After dispatching the goblins, and apparently not attracting any notice from the stockade, we returned to the front doors to find that they were barred from within. Tac was able to make out the sounds of goblins on the otherside of the door. While Tac, Krest et all debated how to get the door open and right before someone tried to kick the door in, I convinced the stupid goblin manning the door to open it using my perfect goblin dialect. As soon as he opened the door I dazed him with some minor magic while Demandred rushed past and into the room beyond. Seeing five more of the little vile beasts, Demandred unleashed a spray of color and stunned two into submission. Tac, Krest, Dariel and Furenck followed our lead and rushed the room hacking most of the goblins down where they stood. One goblin tried to flee, presumably to raise the alarm, but Tac dropped him with a well placed arrow to the throat. We then proceeded to reconnoiter the fort. Krest, Tac and Dariel made short work of a couple of guards passed out and another two caught unaware. Tac then used his bow to shoot some goblin dogs from a tower over looking a courtyard . We then proceeded down a main hall and found ourselves in the “throne room” of this fort. Chief Ripnugget, his warchanter advisor and a handful of goblin warriors awaited within. Instead of immediately attacking the bastards, Krest and Tac actually granted the goblin chiefton’s request for parley! By Nethys’ word! They stopped to talk with a goblin! What on Golarion did they think to gain by talking with him? After a few meaningless exchanges Tac fired an arrow at Ripnugget, who then boasted what a foolish action that had been. Krest, Tac and Dariel charged the room while Ripnugget mounted his gecko steed. Dariel charged headlong into a group of three goblins, while Krest attempted to overrun the goblin nearest the door, hopefully to get at the war chanter or Ripnugget. Alas, foul magic from the warchanter weakened Krest’s resolve to fight and he fled in panic. Tac maneuvered in an attempt to put arrows into Ripnugget and Dariel continued to tangle with the goblin warriors. Furenck attempted to rattle the other side with blessed magic, but was unable to break their will. Seeing the fearsome attacks being meted out by Ripnugget, I charged somewhat recklessly into the furor so that I might use my arcane power to foul Ripnugget’s dogslicer with grease. I was quite relieved to see his sword drop from his fumbling grip! Meanwhile, Demandred circled the room via a side hallway and burst into the room from a far doorway. Ripnugget demanded the sword of one of his underlings, but before he could utilize it I again fouled the weapon with grease causing him to drop this sword as well. A well placed color spray, from Demandred, neutralized the warchanter and stunned Ripnugget in his saddle. Furenck charged into the fray in an attempt to heal those wounded but paid dearly for his courage, being savaged by Ripnugget’s gecko. As Ripnugget regained his senses Demadred again stunned him with a dazzling display of color and I felled a weaponless goblin with slumbering magic. Dariel hacked down another goblin, Furenck smashed the sleeping goblin and Tac peppered Ripnugget with arrows. Ripnugget sensing defeat made a last ditch attempt to flee by riding his gecko up the wall and over to the door. Tac attempted to shoot the giant lizard but Ripnugget skillfully averted the danger. Before he could make good on his escape though, Ripnugget fell to our onslaught as Krest finally rejoined the fight. I am not sure what we are to do at this moment. I am depleted of magical energy and many of us suffered wounds requiring magical healing. Demandred assures me he has additional arcane power remaining and Furenck has his newly acquired wand or healing. We will most likely have to press on as their surely is no safe place to recover my energies here. We must remember to make a thorough search of the fort when the time permits. Now I should see what spoils Ripnugget has to share with us….


Toilday, Rova 27th, 4707 AR (Continued again)
After thoughouly searching Ripnugget and his retinue, we found ourselves in possesion of a number of magical elixers, a magnificent breastplate, an enchanted dogslicer and a wand of silent image. Added tothat some coins and a few other baubles and trinkets worth a small sum.

We continued our search of the fort and made grisly discovery of the remains of a few poor souls who had apperantly been killed to fill the vile goblins pantry.
A search of Ripnugget’s personal quarters resulted in the discovery of a holy symbol dedicated to the goddess of monsters, Lamashtu and a key to a chest.
We made quick work of the remaining goblin dogs in the courtyard and then made our way over to the stables that were curiously barred and nailed shut. After some quick investigation and the use of a potion of speak with animals, we discovered a fine warhorse by the name of Shadowmist. It seems that the goblins had captured Shadowmist in a raid on a merchant caravan and had thought to bring her back so that Ripnugget could kill it in a gladitorial match. However Shadowmist proved more than a worthy match and the goblins lost a number of warriors before they could board the fine horse up in the stables to starve her to death. Or perhaps to weaken her that she would not be such a fierce opponent in a future match. Needless to say, we befriended the creature and have left her under the watchful eye of Quinn while we pressed on in our exploration of the fort.
No sooner had we left Shadowmist, did Tac discover the goblin tribes treasure hoard, hidden in a false wall in the lavatory of all places. Although Tac showed some degree of compentance in finding the hidden chest, his fortune did not continue as he missed atrap that wounded him, putting him at risk of disease from the dirty blade that slashed him.
These goblin’s had been busy it seems as the chest contained a large number of coins, a number of gems, some weapons and armor, a set of mancles, jewelry, holy symbol of Saranrae and a fine dress.
With the newly found wealth distributed amoungst the party, we proceeded down a back stair case to the lower levels of the fort.
Almost immediately upon descending the stairs, did we surprise and quickly overwhelm a fetching human female wizard named Lyrie. It seems that Lyrie was helping Nualia in her exploration of an even lower level of the fort. A level dating back to the days of the Thassilonian Empire. We took her prisoner and I added her collected scroll s and spellbook to my own repository of arncane knowledge. I am going to keep an eye on this one. Very interesting to me…
Avoiding the secret stairs to the level below for the time being, we instead found our way to a set of double doors leading into a temple devoted to Lamashtu. Krest and Tac again took the lead and were startled to learn that a pair of yeth hounds guarded the foul temple. As Tac and Krest fled in supernatural fear brought on by the hounds infernal howling, I attempted to slam the doors to keep the hounds from escaping the temple. I was too late in getting the second door closed. As the fight spilled into the hallway it was touch and go for a bit as confusion reigned in the cramped quarters. We won the fight on Dariel’s blade and some timely spells from myself and Demandred.
Pushing on we encountered a bugbear and his harem of skivy goblins, a human male mercenary and a squid like creature that tried to liquify Demandred’s insides. We made short work of all.

Satisfied that this level of the dungeon was clear, we descended the secret stairs found earlier.
We at first encountered a room with statues and then a hallway which Tac determined was trapped. After successfully circumventing the trap, we proceeded to enter a room beyond… and stumbled upon Nualia!
A great battle ensued. Although Krest was once again compelled to flee, the rest of us were able to push Nualia into a corner and slay her along with he yeth hound pet.
With our energy spent and many of us in need of rest to recover, we decided to use Nualia’s room as a refuge. We rested uneventfully for the night and started the exploration of the remainder of the dungeon the next day.
Wealday, Rova 28th, 4707 AR
We pushed deeper into the complex and found ourselves battleing a number of vial undead shadows in a room filled with sarcauphogeses. Tac was especially hit hard by their unatural strenght sapping touches. Good cleric Furenck was instrumental in turning the tide of battle with blessed blasts of his godess’s divine power.
Another room, partially sunken into the sea brought us into conflict with an enormous crab that was using an extremely large helmit for it’s home. After defeating the crab, we plundered a large pile of treasure left over from the days of the Thassilonian Empire!
We then deduced the nature of a magically protected secret door and gained entry to the rooms beyond.
It seems that this area has not been visited for many (thousands?) of years. One room contained a still partially functioning means of communication between the fortress and somewhere beyond.
Another room was some sort of experimentation room, complete with sugical tools. Amoungst all this, we also found an unusual key that opperated the only other door left unexplored.
As we apporached the door, key in hand, I recognized the door from one of my earlier visions. Great danger lurked beyond this portal and I warned everyone about proceeding. Most everyone agreed to retreat to Sandpoint and gather our strength before returning to deal with whatever lays beyond those doors.
We hauled our gains to the surface and made for Sandpoint.
Upon reaching town, we went directly to the Mayor’s office and reported on everything we had learned.
While relating everything that we had done in the past few days, I was overcome with another of my visions. This one was the most vivid and longest lasting vision I have had yet. It would seem that my powers of divination are growing with each day.
If my visions are accurate, we are going to be very busy in and around Sandpoint for quite some time. There are foreboding events yet to come.
I must spend time in preparation to deal with that which is to come…
I shall be very busy… I will write more when i can find the time.
Farewell for now,


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